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Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Sat Jul 4 12:55:07 CDT 2015

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d update folks on what’s been going on with my IBM Multiprise 3000 S/390 mainframe.  I’ve updated the webpage for it at: <> to indicate it’s current status.

I’ve managed to boot it up into the version of z/OS (V1R5) that was installed.  I discovered that some of the standard users were still present with their default passwords so I was able to log in and do stuff under TSO.  I also figured out that one of the standard users had administrative capabilities, so I’m able to fully manage z/OS and make the changes necessary to have it work in my environment and to be able to perform any administrative tasks that I might need to perform.

I’ve configured the OS/2 side of things to be on my home network, so I can at lead use one of the various tn3270 programs to log in rather than having to sit as the OS/2 screen and do things.  I also reconfigured my 3174 controller so that it could “talk” to the MP3000 so I can also use my 3179 terminals to log in (which IMHO are much better than the tn3270 programs).

During all of this I acquired 8 more 18GB SSA drives so I have enough for a second 72GB array with some spares.  I felt really fortunate to have found these drives as they are in no way standard (524 byte sectors) and you need the special carriers to work properly in the MP3000.  Not to mention that they are SSA drives!

I have put the drives into the MP3000 but have yet to configure them for use.  During the checkout of the drives, I discovered that the drive that had been assigned for the “hot spare” was dead.  One of my next tasks will be to assign one of the new drives as the “hot spare”.

Since I have most things working now, I moved the MP3000 into a more convenient location in my office (see picture on the above link) rather than being in the middle of the traffic area of my shop.

I’m still going to be doing some “tinkering” with z/OS before I really knuckle down to (re)learn the various aspects of MVS and TSO.  Then off to write some mainframe programs!

TTFN - Guy

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