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Richard Loken richardlo at admin.athabascau.ca
Mon Jul 6 11:37:28 CDT 2015

On Sun, 5 Jul 2015, Johnny Billquist wrote:

> > True, but IIRC the OP was talking about a system that ran 7th Edition
> > UNIX, and 7th Edition didn't do demand paging.  As long as you treat
> > it more like a big PDP-11 rather than a small VAX, you can write a
> > perfectly usable OS for a straight 68000.
> Ok. I didn't know it was some version of 7th ed. I didn't even know that
> managed to get much beyond the PDP-11.

The original message referred to Unix System 7 which I don't think exists so
I assumed the reference was to Unix Version 7.  Xenix was Unix V7 and it ran
on all kinds of stiff including the 68000 in the TRS-80 Model 16 which Radio
Shack licensed from Microsoft who licensed it from Bell.

I found this thread peculiar from the beginning since Unix V7 was commonly
available on the 8086, the 68000, etc. under the Xenix label.

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