PDP-11/23, accessories, software, manuals and IBM portable available (South Africa)

Steve Maddison steve at cosam.org
Tue Jul 7 06:25:26 CDT 2015

I was contacted by a chap in South Africa (Pretoria area) who has the
following kit available. If interested, please reply to me directly and
I'll put you in touch.

* PDP-11/23, with dual RL02 drives and 9 disks
* 2x VT100, one modified to VT125
* DecPrinter III
* HP 70470A plotter
* RSX11-M 4 with manuals
* RSX11-M 3.2 (I think manuals only)
* Fortran 77 with manuals
* IBM portable (ca. 1982)

Steve Maddison

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