email gripe

Sean Conner spc at
Tue Jul 7 14:43:44 CDT 2015

It was thus said that the Great jwsmobile once stated:
> sending live URL's in the text that don't require a multi step copy 
> paste, or even save email edit, feed to lynx would be nice.  Html email 
> does that.

  There are some on this list (such as I) that do not use a graphical email
client, but a text-mode email  client. [1]

  -spc (And the etiquette for this list is inline or bottom posting, not 

[1]	To even look at a attached PDF, for example, I have to save it
	first, then download it to view it.  

	Yes, I do check my email on the server using a command line program

[2]	mutt.  I was forced to upgrade a decade ago because elm was no
	longer maintained and non-Y2K compliant (I think that's why I

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