VAX-11/750 registry (Was: Reviving a VAX-11/750)

Johnny Billquist bqt at
Tue Jul 7 17:06:49 CDT 2015

On 2015-07-07 23:49, tony duell wrote:
>>>     I'd say any VAX with a UNIBUS, SDI, BI or XMI bus, at least, should qualify.  I think that would include all the
>>> 7xx, 6xxx, 8xxx, and 7xxx/10000 machines.  I don't really know what was in a 9000...
>> 9000 is also XMI. Several of them, if I remember right. SDI on the other
>> hand is just a disk interface. I don't think it makes sense to include
> Perhaps SDI is a typo for SBI, as in the 11/780?

Good point. SBI would make much more since in there. But this also 
becomes a question of what kind of buses are we interested in. The I/O 
buses, or the CPU buses, or something else? Unibus was always just an 
I/O bus for the VAX. Should we then also mention Massbus? How about CI?
And on some of the 8000 machines, the CPU sat on a bus called NMI, on 
which you then had the VAXBI adapters.

I honestly don't have a good idea of what defines a "large" VAX. Buses 
feels unsuitable. Power connector maybe? :-)


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