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jwsmobile jws at
Tue Jul 7 17:43:48 CDT 2015

On 7/7/2015 12:43 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
> It was thus said that the Great jwsmobile once stated:
>> sending live URL's in the text that don't require a multi step copy
>> paste, or even save email edit, feed to lynx would be nice.  Html email
>> does that.
>    There are some on this list (such as I) that do not use a graphical email
> client, but a text-mode email  client. [1]
>    -spc (And the etiquette for this list is inline or bottom posting, not
> 	top)
> [1]	To even look at a attached PDF, for example, I have to save it
> 	first, then download it to view it.
Most of us have either browser embedded PDF viewers, or Adobe associated 
with PDF's and are one click away.
> 	Yes, I do check my email on the server using a command line program
> 	[2].
> [2]	mutt.  I was forced to upgrade a decade ago because elm was no
> 	longer maintained and non-Y2K compliant (I think that's why I
> 	switched).
I just don't see inconveniencing an entire list because a few people 
want to run on internet connected 286 machines, with attached ASR33's.

And to say that should carry much weight on selecting the format of the 
email is pretty inconsiderate to everyone.

If there were a technical reason to keep it in a simple format that 
would be fine, but as Al K pointed out quite some time ago, Google 
already indexes all of this quite fine as it and most search engines do, 
so the list is text searchable.

As far as email browsing, I have used thunderbird and prior to that the 
same facility in the combined netscape.  The way of all emails seem to 
be towards letting some great and wonderful company such as your ISP, 
Google, Yahoo, or heaven forbid AOL keep all of your email, and present 
it, and even thunderbird has gone into "we don't support it anymore" 
status with Firefox.

So archiving my own email may end up in the same state as your argument 
for text archiving.  However the format of the email won't be an issue 
in my case.

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