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Wed Jul 8 04:00:11 CDT 2015

jwsmobile <jws at> wrote:
>On 7/7/2015 12:43 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
>> It was thus said that the Great jwsmobile once stated:
>>> sending live URL's in the text that don't require a multi step copy
>>> paste, or even save email edit, feed to lynx would be nice.  Html email
>>> does that.
>>    There are some on this list (such as I) that do not use a graphical email
>> client, but a text-mode email  client. [1]
>>    -spc (And the etiquette for this list is inline or bottom posting, not
>> 	top)
>> [1]	To even look at a attached PDF, for example, I have to save it
>> 	first, then download it to view it.
>Most of us have either browser embedded PDF viewers, or Adobe associated 
>with PDF's and are one click away.
>> 	Yes, I do check my email on the server using a command line program
>> 	[2].
>> [2]	mutt.  I was forced to upgrade a decade ago because elm was no
>> 	longer maintained and non-Y2K compliant (I think that's why I
>> 	switched).
>I just don't see inconveniencing an entire list because a few people 
>want to run on internet connected 286 machines, with attached ASR33's.
>And to say that should carry much weight on selecting the format of the 
>email is pretty inconsiderate to everyone.
>If there were a technical reason to keep it in a simple format that 
>would be fine, but as Al K pointed out quite some time ago, Google 
>already indexes all of this quite fine as it and most search engines do, 
>so the list is text searchable.
>As far as email browsing, I have used thunderbird and prior to that the 
>same facility in the combined netscape.  The way of all emails seem to 
>be towards letting some great and wonderful company such as your ISP, 
>Google, Yahoo, or heaven forbid AOL keep all of your email, and present 
>it, and even thunderbird has gone into "we don't support it anymore" 
>status with Firefox.
>So archiving my own email may end up in the same state as your argument 
>for text archiving.  However the format of the email won't be an issue 
>in my case.

I just can't figure out how Jay manages to keep putting up with us at all.

(I was going to reply to this message because when I read it first, it seemed
to contain some points which I thought I might have a different opinion on.
So I read it again to clarify my thoughts.  The more I re-read it, the less
sense it made to me and I eventually decided I can't disagree with any of
these points because I can't really figure out what they are.  I guess I am
losing my marbles.  My congratulations to those who managed to make enough
sense of it to make considered, insightful replies.)

Peter Coghlan.

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