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Wed Jul 8 09:49:22 CDT 2015

> Listen, if they want to track & watch you, they're doing it already.
> Using text-only email won't help much; give it up.

While I didn't write the text (which I cut) that the above quote is
responding to, I too stick to text-only for security reasons - but not
just because of the "them" watching and tracking me.

While that is part of it - and, while I recognize that "they" may well
be doing some tracking and watching, they are probably managing
significantly less for me than for most people, and every little bit
helps in any case - there is also a different "them" I'm concerned
with, that being the hordes of spammers, most of whom do not have the
resources to do that kind of wholesale monitoring.

However, there's a much bigger reason: I've yet to see an HTML-capable
MUA with an interface I can stand - and, even if I were to imagine one,
all it would bring over just reading the text/plain part is failing to
notice spam which has drastic differences in content between the
text/plain and text/html parts.

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