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Fred Cisin cisin at
Wed Jul 8 11:11:50 CDT 2015

>> Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!
>> :-)
On Wed, 8 Jul 2015, Fred Cisin wrote:
> We had some difficulties with college administrators that resulted in, "The 
> question is not 'are you paranoid?';
> the question is 'are you paranoid enough?'"
> ("There is no expectation of privacy for any actions taken on the college's 
> computers nor telephones", even one administrator who would temporarily join 
> Yahoo groups in order to search archives for any disparaging remarks!  [Hey, 
> John W, eat shit and die!])

NOT any of the John W's on this list!  Sorry about that!
This one was similar to the college president in "Horse Feathers".
"All college documents must be prepared in WordPerfect."

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