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Sean Conner spc at
Wed Jul 8 11:30:41 CDT 2015

It was thus said that the Great Dave Woyciesjes once stated:
> On 07/07/2015 09:06 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
> >
> >   ...But I've tried using a GUI to check email and frankly, I
> >found it too painful to use.  It wasn't that the GUI was confusing or
> >inconsistent, but that it was *way too slow*.  Sluggish to display, and
> >painfully slow to download (it's not unusual for me to receive everal
> >hundred emails per day).  By checking email on the server using a command
> >line tool, I can do the filtering upon receipt (not when downloading) and
> >blast through two emails in the time it would take a GUI to display one.
> >
> >   Right now, I'm using an iPad (and a Bluetooth keyboard) with an SSH 
> >   client
> >to check my email.  I get to use an email client I'm familiar with for
> >reading, along with my preferred editor to write this email.
> >
> 	Wait, what? The email GUI on an iPad is too slow? What's wrong with 
> that device? Or is there a problem with your server?

  The big ponderous GUI I was talking about is Thunderbird.  Using the
native iPad email client (or any third party ones, if there are any, I don't
know as I haven't checked) would be Yet Another Interface To Learn While I'm
On Vacation [1].

  -spc (I have enough trouble keeping up with the latest programming fads to
	keep up with today's GUI du jour)

[1]	For what I'm doing on vacation, an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard is
	sufficient for my needs.

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