CDC disk drives (was Re: what IBM system is this?)

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Thu Jul 9 08:27:00 CDT 2015

> I remember encountering them mostly as replacements for the terrible 821 
> drives, which had the appearance of an 808, but substantially increased 
> capacity.  I don't think any 821s were ever installed at a customer's 
> site, however--I saw the lot of them that we had falling to the CE 
> sledgehammer.
> They were replaced by banks of 844s--lots of them.  I think one site had 
> well over 100 installed, all hooked together with a MAC on at least 2 
> Cyber 74s.
> --Chuck


Wow, more than hundred of these CDC drives??? This must have been a massive 

installation! I didn't know so many disk drives could be combined with 

Cyber systems. Thanks for the insights!
I was already amazed by pictures provided by the University of Auckland:

It doesn't say, though, where this picture was taken.

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