A 'good-enough' H960 |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| PDP11 masthead replica

Adam Sampson ats at offog.org
Fri Jul 10 04:48:41 CDT 2015

steven at malikoff.com writes:

> One thing that intrigues me is the end-on photo IMG_3161. It appears
> the top edge projects further than the bottom by a tiny bit leading to
> a tapered appearance,

It's not tapered; it just looks that way because I'm not holding it very
straight in the photo. I've added a couple more end-on pictures that
should show this more clearly:

> BTW the first image won't load for me: '... cannot be displayed,
> because it contains errors'.

It's a pretty big image. If your browser doesn't like it, try saving it
and loading it in something else? I've added a lower-res version as well.


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