A 'good-enough' H960 |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| PDP11 masthead replica

Chris Osborn fozztexx at fozztexx.com
Fri Jul 10 10:55:15 CDT 2015

On Jul 10, 2015, at 8:48 AM, Paul Koning <paulkoning at comcast.net> wrote:

> Wow, it’s amazing that a device like that would be bothered by splines.  It speaks to the lack of competence on the part of the implementer.  Perhaps this problem dates back to the dark old ages of first generation cutters and has been cured by now?  If not, you can approximate things with arcs, but for it to look reasonably close to correct you need more short arcs than you have now.

I think CamBam hates splines too, although it will load them and work with them, just very slowly. I usually have to tell it to convert all splines to polyline approximations.

I’ve never had any problems with splines with the lousy software I use with my vinyl cutter though. I load Illustrator 8 files and cut them without any issues.

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