PDP 11 - how to lock heads in a rx01 and rx02 - seeking advice

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The RA60 is my least favorite drive to move. The thought of disassembling
it crossed my mind but since it was being slid into a rack with a shelf and
not on rails it would not have helped much, so just picked it up, carried
it over and shoved it in.

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 3:22 PM, tony duell <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> >     > From: tony duell
> >
> >     > I find [RL0x's] easier than RK05s
> > Try taking out an RA81!
> I did an R80 (not much lighter) single-handedly.
> The trick with those is to take the HDA out. It takes only a few minutes.
> Raise
> the logic chassis (top part of the case including the front panel), then
> lock the
> heads (you MUST do this anyway), release the belt tension (lever at the
> front
> right), then unplug 3 cables (2 small ones on the front of the HDA and a
> 40 way
> ribbon from the PCB on top), take off the 4 mouting nuts and lift the HDA
> up and
> out. Then tape the spindle pulley so it doesn't turn when moving the unit.
> If it turns
> backwards it is likely to damage the heads.
> The rest of the drive (chassis, PSU, motor, logic PCBs) is just about
> liftable fully
> assembled.
> I think the worst is the RA60. It's very heavy and it is a pain to
> dismantle. You have to take it
> apart a little bit at a time.
> -tony

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