80s magazines at Huntington Beach, CA estate sale

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good for searching... but if you want sharp images... get them on  paper!
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Most of  the Byte magazines are  here:

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> > On 2015-Jul-10, at 5:39 PM, jwsmobile  wrote:
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> >> Gizmo
> >>  http://pictures.estatesales.net/931308/21760158/1.jpg
> > That's the  rear of a 70s colour TV, the stuff on the side looks like 
either/both  convergence control or an early electronic tuning system with 
individual  channel tuning.
> >
> > Actually, it looks like a Heathkit  with the plug-in modules along the 
rear chassis, the manuals on top look like  the right colour with the little 
title window cut in the cover of Heathkit  manuals.
> >
> > Here we go, compare:
> >     https://www.flickr.com/photos/34737609@N07/sets/72157613423708701
>  >
> > I think the estate one is an earlier model, probably early  70s, with 
the flickr-pics one probably a couple years later.
> The thing  that made me ask was that the grey thing was possibly a 1/4 or 
> larger  motor, and maybe it was some oddly skinned disk drive.  Now I see 
> My cousin built one of those and had the best workshop TV  in full color 
> till his wife made him put it in a box in the living  room. Great fun 
> with the controls that pulled out after that, but not  near as fun as a 
> 25" or so color tv on your bench.
>  thanks for the info.
> I will try to get there tomorrow, may  call you, Brendan and let you 
> distribute the Bytes.  I'm looking  for a particular ad in the 70s thru 
> 80's magazines and if I find it  that would be all I want to keep.
> thanks
>  Jim

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