SGI Indy available for collection in Sao Paolo, Brasil

Steven M Jones classiccmp at
Sat Jul 11 00:13:54 CDT 2015

I think we've got a few active list members in Brasil, and somebody's 
got a nicely configured SGI Indy available for collection in Sao Paolo.

> it has irix 6.2 installed (maybe) and (may still have) Maya and 
> Photoshop 1 with licenses. and medias for irix only. two hdds inside. 
> maxed ram. external cd rom. camera. 24 bit graphics card. (i may be 
> able to find the 8bit card). all cables (scsi, monitor, ...)
> if anyone want it, must pick it up in sao paulo soon. [...] oh and 
> everything is very, very clean.

Original post is at:

Please check the original post for contact details - I have nothing to 
do with this except for the re-posting.

Hope somebody manages to rescue the beast,

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