80s magazines at Huntington Beach, CA estate sale

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On 7/10/2015 9:52 PM, Randy Dawson wrote:
> Most of the Byte magazines are here:
> http://www.americanradiohistory.com/Byte_Magazine.htm
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Here is what I'm looking for.  There were several issues in the late 
70's or more likely the early 80's when ACP in Santa Ana was really big 
in mail order, components, and took Apple for rights to set prices they 
wished to sell the product at.  Apple was the first to challenge, and I 
think wrongly be able to create a single price, when the margin should 
be the call of the dealers they sell to.

Anyway, that led to a lot of business, and the scale to have a lot of 
Byte ads.  Several of them were text over a photo that Tom Freeman took 
at the ACP Swap meet.  I was dead center in the photo in one aisle of 
the meet going full blast looking directly at the camera.

I've not found it on any of the online versions, but I know there were 
issues it was published because Tom had one and called me when he found 
out there was someone recognizable in that photo.

So I'd like to get hands on them and see if I can find such an issue.  
If anyone else feels like doing so I'd love a scan and a date, because I 
didn't find the cover (back I think) on any of the ones I got.  And I 
think I have all of those gone thru.

If I get them I will try to twist someones arm to deal with sending 
them, as I didn't follow thru on the last promise I made.  But I hope 
not to have to trash them.  Assuming they are still there and are near 
free in cost.


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