FS: Misc Computer Items.. 3 Intel Machines with OpenStep 4.2- Make an offer on Anything you are interested in

Steven Landon slandon110 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 10:04:08 CDT 2015

Im just trying to clear out some excess stuff to make room for the SxS Telephone switch im getting.  Everything listed
below just make an offer on. Ill more than likely accept it :) I just want this stuff to go to someone who will use it.
Plus i need space in my basement as an SxS Telephone switch is huge.

IBM AT Clone.  640KB RAM 40MB MFM Hard Drive.  Ethernet Card,  set up
with mTCP.  1.44 3.5 HD Drive and 5.25 HD Drive. Has ATI VGA/EGA Card as
well  Make A Fair Offer

Toshiba Satellite 4010 CDS  32MB RAM 2GB HDD.. Has 3.5 drive, CD-ROM and
Ethernet Card.  Make a Fair offer

Dell Dimension M233a.   32MB RAM 8GB HDD.  Ethernet.  This is running
OpenStep 4.2 with fully supported video, networking and sound.  233Mhz
Pentium MMX Processor.   It runs it really nicely.

Hp Pavilion 6630 500mhz Celeron  64MB RAM 10GB HDD.  Runs OpenStep 4.2 with Networking and video fully supported.

Dell Dimension XPS T450.   Pentium 3 450mhz  128MB RAM 10GB HDD,  ATI Rage 8MB Graphics,  SB Awe32 Sound, 3C905
networking. And A USB Card.. All Fully Supported in OpenStep 4.2.   This is a beast of an OpenStep 4.2 and with the
8mb graphics card,  It does 1280x1024 at 32 bit color on any LCD you throw at it.  It Looks great.


Microsoft Systems and Development CD-ROM Circa 1994

Windows For Workgroups 3.11 Disk Set

Windows NT For PowerPC, Intel, MIPS 6000, Alpha

MS-DOS 6.22 Disk Set

IBM Cartridge Basic for PCJr

Windows 95 Original Release on CD-ROM and Floppies with Book and Key Code


eBay feedback upon request and I accept PayPal.   Or if you are in
Michigan and want to come pick it up you are more than welcome to
come.   I am in Central Michigan,  North of Mount Pleasant



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