FS: Telecom Gear- Switchboard, Phones, PBXes & More

Steven Landon slandon110 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 05:54:25 CDT 2015

Clearing out the phone collection as well

1 Western Electric 551B PBX Switchboard.  Fully Functional with a 24V 
Power Supply- Switch calls like a BOSS
1 Panasonic 616 PBX
1 Plexus by BBS Telecom PBX-  Highly programmable with IVR

About 100 vintage telephones,  all kinds,  500 sets, trimlines, 
princesses,  explosion proof, australian phones you name it its here.

3 totes of telecom cable,  over 500ft of 25pair wire with 66 blocks
1000ft of aerial wire and outside network stuff.
1 Asterisk Server with TDM400p Card
About 10 Analog Telephone adapters.

You name it I have it.

Make an offer on it

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