Reproducing old machines with newer technology (Re: PDP-12 at the RICM)

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Mon Jul 13 07:35:46 CDT 2015

Another alternative would be to build a machine up from a Field
Programmable Gate Array (e.g., the Digilent Nexys2 FPGA development
board).  I recently completed an effort doing that for a 12 bit machine
we designed and built in a logic/computer design class from racks of
logic interconnected using IBM unit record plug boards in 1972.

I am going to attempt to do the same for IBM's 1410 computer - a really
big effort.


On 7/13/2015 12:52 AM, Kip Koon wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> I would be most interested in finding out more about this effort.  Do you have ongoing pictures documenting this effort?  I'd love to have a PDP 8, 11, 12 someday, but I don't have the space for something like that much less the cost involved so I'll have to be satisfied with emulators on my PC or eventually building one or more of these systems with current technology like the SBC6120 if memory serves.  Are there other possible alternatives?  I used a PDP-8/E in high school and college and have been quite interested in the high capability PDPs like the PDP-11 Series for starters.  I didn't know there were PDP 12 Series computers.  Are there other PDP series computers as well?  Congratulations on your restoration efforts!  I wish I could see what all you guys have been and are up to!  Take care my friends.
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>> The RICM Learning Lab was nice and cool today so we spent the afternoon chasing the "LGP GP=GPC PRESET" in the TC12 LINCtape
>> controller. With a logic analyzer connected to lots of the TC12 signals were were able to chase down the signal that is causing the
>> fault. We are now not sure if the signal behavior we observed is the correct behavior, and there is a fault elsewhere. More debugging
>> time and more studying of the documentation is required.
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