PDP-12 at the RICM

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Tue Jul 14 00:00:19 CDT 2015

On 7/13/15 9:54 PM, Paul Anderson wrote:
> Hi Rich,
> Which one was possibility built for NSA? I missed the [1] footnote. Do you
> know more about the story?

this is the source for the wikipedia entry on the PDP-3


**************** February 14, 2007 *******************************

*Anyone seen a PDP-3 lately?*

I'm trying to discover what became of the PDP-3. It was originally built 
at the Scientific Engineering Institute (SEI) in Waltham, MA, and later 
transferred to someone at MIT. Gordon Bell wrote in 1978 that it was 
running at an unspecified location in Oregon, but yesterday he told me 
that he doesn't remember where that was. I am working on a book on the 
history of stealth and the Lockheed Blackbird. The PDP-3 was used at SEI 
to process radar data for the A-12 Blackbird. Thanks very much, Paul 
Suhler (949) 856-1450 or Paul.Suhler at quantum.com

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