PDP-12 at the RICM (Michael Thompson)

Michael Thompson michael.99.thompson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 18:59:03 CDT 2015

> Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 01:52:09 -0400
> From: "Kip Koon" <computerdoc at sc.rr.com>
> Subject: RE: PDP-12 at the RICM
> Hi Michael,
> I would be most interested in finding out more about this effort.  Do you
> have ongoing pictures documenting this effort?  I'd love to have a PDP 8,
> 11, 12 someday, but I don't have the space for something like that much
> less the cost involved so I'll have to be satisfied with emulators on my PC
> or eventually building one or more of these systems with current technology
> like the SBC6120 if memory serves.  Are there other possible alternatives?
> I used a PDP-8/E in high school and college and have been quite interested
> in the high capability PDPs like the PDP-11 Series for starters.  I didn't
> know there were PDP 12 Series computers.  Are there other PDP series
> computers as well?  Congratulations on your restoration efforts!  I wish I
> could see what all you guys have been and are up to!  Take care my friends.
> Kip Koon
> computerdoc at sc.rr.com
> http://www.cocopedia.com/wiki/index.php/Kip_Koon


I don't think that there is an emulator for the PDP-12 so you will need to
find a real one.
Details on the PDP-12 are here:
A running blog on the restoration is here:

Michael Thompson

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