Linear Power Supply (Conversion Equipment Corp) from a basic four 510

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Tue Jul 14 02:46:33 CDT 2015

It is the follow on to the Microdata 1600 that Basic four used in its 
first business machines.

He has two machines and at least a disk for the system, I think.

Basic Four became MAI.  They were noted for having a multi user basic 
system for business very early on.

Also it survive(s) today with a lot of installations in the Hospitality 
industry.  Many of the fleabags you check into will have MAI systems if 
they have terminal type systems.

These systems were probably very near the 1600 hardware wise.  They 
appear to have the 130pin 1600 backplane connector.  I think Basic four 
took slow steps away from Microdata's hardware, but eventually 
progressed with all their own manufacturing, as well as moving on thru 
bit slice designs, and eventually microprocessor based systems.  I had a 
friend who worked there in the very early stages of their 68000 
systems.  All while maintaining the Business Basic compatibility.

It is quite interesting to see the photos of the boards, and I am still 
studying them trying to figure out how much they changed in this design.


On 7/13/2015 9:22 PM, dwight wrote:
> I'm not even sure what the machine is. Can you give
> a little more information on what it is?
> Dwight
>> >Subject: Re: Linear Power Supply (Conversion Equipment Corp) from a basic four 510
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>> >Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 18:28:56 +0200
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>> >Thanks, yes you are right. And it is fixed now. Would have been more
>> >easy with the schematics on hand.
>> >
>> >But the 510 does not seem to start, may be the mini test program i have
>> >(to boot from terminal) only works with the model 210 and not with the
>> >510. (
>> >
>> >Would really like to have the cpu documentation, than it may be possible
>> >to write some test code. (1300 CPU Technical Manual and/or M1300 Series
>> >CPU Organisation and Description Reference Manual)
>> >

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