Seeking to buy / trade for a GRiD Compass 11xx to aid in silly project

Ian Finder ian.finder at
Tue Jul 14 14:19:44 CDT 2015

Hi folks,

I'm looking to buy at whatever price is fair a GRiD Compass (Not the DOS
based ones) computer of any model-- and perhaps condition- as I may be able
to repair

I recently missed an ebay auction, which was sad.

Let me know,


- Ian



About a year or so, I purchased my first GRiD compass (1129) off another
list member. I quickly gained two impressions:

1) The non MS-DOS based GRiD OS is really freakin' cool.
2) The documentation for these machines is nonexistent.

I've recently acquired an 8086 ICE. My goal is to reverse engineer the
machine and operating system to a reasonable degree, in order to glean
enough information to enable the following tasks:

1) (High priority) Build a somewhat modern toolchain for GRiD OS
2) (This might be something I never get to) Build an emulator of the GRiD.

Unfortunately, I don't want to-

A) Have to leave my main machine taken apart, or constantly
reassemble-disassemble it to attach it to the ICE.

B) Develop for a system I have no spares for.

Would love if someone who has an extra one of these they haven't used for a
while would be willing to part with it or trade for it.

In addition to whatever we work out, I'll toss in a free GRiDcase 3 to help
with separation anxiety stemming from black magnesium computers.

   Ian Finder
   (206) 395-MIPS
   ian.finder at

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