Microsoft multiuser Basic for the Altair 8800

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Wed Jul 15 00:15:08 CDT 2015

Hey Kip

I can't help you with the software, but I just finished an Altair
restoration (my first) a few months ago, and am still interested in getting
the machine connected and actually doing something interesting. The Altair
was almost totally below the radar by the time I really started getting up
to speed on micros, which would have been around 1983-1984 or so. This one
was sort-of given to me by a former colleague of mine, around eight years
ago. It was a total basket case, a real pile.. but it seems to be sorted at
this point.

It would be great if you'd let me follow along, keep in touch and let me
know how you're working to get the Altair linked up to the term, getting
the system bootstrapped, loading software, etc.. that's been a problem
here, figuring out the serial I card (or finding one to replace it, that
does have docs).


On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 11:56 PM, Kip Koon <computerdoc at> wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I have finally decided to restore my original Altair 8800 which has been in
> storage for over 30 years.  Does anyone have a copy of Microsoft's
> Multiuser
> Disk Extended Basic for the Altair 8800?  When I was in college in '79 to
> '81, in the computer room was an ASR-33 Teletype and 3 Learseigler
> terminals
> connected to an Altair 8800B.  An IMSAI was also there connected to one
> ASR-33 Teletype.  I'd like to resurrect this multiuser Basic software
> environment on my Altair someday once the restoration is complete.  Any
> help
> in securing a copy of all the necessary software would be most appreciated.
> Thanks a bunch in advance.  Take care my friends.
> Kip Koon
>  <mailto:computerdoc at> computerdoc at
>  <>

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