Reproducing old machines with newer technology (Re: PDP-12 at the RICM)

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Wed Jul 15 00:26:26 CDT 2015

> In the 7000 series, the 1410 equivalent was the 7010 - architecturally
> compatible, ran the same software, but implemented in 7000 series
> technology.  It came along in 1962.  So that was really the last one to
> be introduced of its ilk.
> Other than clones and the like (e.g., from folks like Honeywell), I'm
> not aware of any other machines with a similar architecture to the 1401
> and 1410.  Name them?

1440 came after 1410. Quite a few were built, and one is being
restored by the Binghamton bunch.

1450 and 1460 came even later...but I have never seen evidence of any
of these actually being installed.


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