PDP 12 modes

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Jul 15 12:56:38 CDT 2015

From: Sherman Foy

    > Re: the 12, you were either in LINC mode or PDP mode at any given time.
    > These were NOT "parallel processors".

I don't disagree. I was speaking of the LINC-8, which was a very different
machine inside - it really was an 8 _and_ a LINC in a single box. The front
console actually had a complete PDP-8 console _and_ a complete LINC console,
side by side - two sets of lights, two sets of switches, etc.

    > I can't vouch for this on a LINC-8 machine, but I thought it was similar.

Nope. Check out the manual I cited. Well, the LINC-8 and -12 might be similar
(almost identical, probably) from the _programming_ point of view, but the
hardware was organized totally differently (above).


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