Big Iron, S-100 & vintage micros for sale

Sellam ibn Abraham sellam at
Wed Jul 15 14:32:25 CDT 2015

I'm continuing to sell off most of my remaining collection.  Here's what I 
have available at the moment:

Data Point Disc Drive
Four Phase Systems IV90
Honeywell DPS-6
IBM 3420 x2
IBM 3803
IBM Scalable Power Parallel System 9076
Microdata Royal E
Nuclear Data 9900
PDP 11/44
PDP 11/05
Plexus P75



Friden 132
Heathkit H11
IMSAI 8080
Kennedy 1600
Polymorphic Systems POLY88
SWTPC 6800
UniCom 141P (yes, Intel 4004 based calculator)

Photos and information:

Also have:

LNW Rsearch LNW80 + System Expansion
Canon Cat + printer
Olivetti Programma 101

(no photos yet but available upon request)

I'm adding more to the inventory.  If there's something you're looking for 
then please e-mail me, I might have it available.


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