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Wed Jul 15 21:08:18 CDT 2015

probably as  they were sending the  palletized  stuff   as  padded.
I have had  ties  I needed some  padded and there was still  a min. amount 
of poundage  open  so  I put  palletized stuff  on with the wrapped  but  
that was  because it would have cost  the  same  for the padded without  the 
rule  if  you send anything padded  van  all will be  billed as  padded  
van even if was a  palate load of paint  cans  full of  dog  crap  etc etc....
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useddec at writes:

I've  used move it (CTS) since the 70s for padded van service and some
freight. I  need some pallets moved and they quoted me today what I thought
was a  rather high price.

I've seen here and talked with people who talked of  other freight
forwarders and shipping companies but can't find them  now.

Any suggestions?

I know prices vary with zip  codes.

Thanks, Paul

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