moving cleanout - IBM XT(s), assorted macs, green-screen NTSC monitors, TRS-80 types, etc

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Sun Jul 19 12:23:03 CDT 2015

So my house sold yesterday after < 3 days on the market (the market here is nuts).
I have about two months to move, so a bunch of stuff has to disappear.

Location is the Vancouver, BC, Canada region (Port Moody more precisely).
Most of this stuff is larger and I'm not going to have a lot of time to pack & ship, so local pickup is expected.

If there is competition for something I guess it goes to the one willing to offer the greater number of bucks,
otherwise items are free as the alternative destination is recycling/scrap.
Any bucks involved are not because I expect a lot (or anything), but just to sort out who 'values' it the most
if there is multiple interest in an item.
I reserve the right to be whimsical in any decision.

The following is 'off-the-top-of-my-head', I haven't examined this stuff in awhile.
If someone would like a photo of something, let me know.

Additional stuff may filter out in the near future.

======== XTs

	IBM 5160 (XT)
		- CPU with one floppy and hard drive, but the hard drive is flaky (booted from floppy last time I checked)
		- clicky-keyboard with special coloured keycaps for some video-editing system, still functions as normal keyboard,
		  missing one keycap (whatever is immed. below the RETURN key)
		- IBM 5151 green-phosphor monitor

	XT-class clone
		labeled "IDM Research X88 Turbo"
		not readily bootable, IIRC the 'multi-function' board was damaged by battery leakage,
		the hard drive is flaky on this one too, IIRC
		might be consider for parts/modules or as a base to complete an XT
		- with keyboard & amber-phosphor monitor

======== Macs

	Mac Quadra 605 / LC475
		68040 pizza box
		- with ADB keyboard and mouse
		- no monitor

	Mac Performa 5300CD
		beige all-in-one, kind of the all-in-one predecessor to the original iMac
		- with ADB keyboard and mouse

	Mac PowerPC tower
		beige G3
		- with ADB keyboard and mouse
		- no monitor
		yes, bland and unexciting, the redeeming point is it's kind of a "multi-medium machine":
			zip drive
			floppy drive
			CD-ROM drive
			SCSI bus
			IDE bus
			some video/audio IO

	original iMac Rev A
		'the very first iMac model', bondi-blue of course
		- complete with puck mouse, the proper keyboard and the proper 'clear' power cable
		- original Mac OS8 install media and box
		I think it has 40 or 60MB of memory but could really do with more - a couple of memory sticks were zapped as I was swapping them testing another machine.

I'm not completely sure how many ADB keyboard/mouse sets there are, at least 2.

======== NTSC monitors

	4 green-phosphor 12" NTSC monitors.
	I think 2 of them will go and I may hang on to 2.

	Typically used with late-70s / early-80's micros.
	I have to hang on to one of them to go with my SWTPC CT-1024 terminal, for example.
	One of them (NEC) was originally sold in a package with and used with an Apple II.

======== TRS-80s

	2 or 3 TRS-80 CoCos

	TRS-80 Model 100
		the laptop

	TRS-80 portable/luggable
		I'd have to check/confirm on this one, it was at the radio museum, if it's there it should go.

======== bonus

	circa-1980 colour TV, 13-14"

	If you really want the authentic (i.e. awful) RF-modulated-display experience from your vintage 80's micro, without the mass of a 17,19,21" CRT, this could be it.


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