AlphaServer 4100 CPU fan

Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Mon Jul 20 09:23:29 CDT 2015


I didn't realise there'd been a clasiccmp server meltdown, wondered why I
wasn't getting mails :)

We still have a few AS4100s out there in the field and CPU fans are
becoming scarce, so being canny we sourced some *almost* identical
replacements to no avail.

Original spec for the fan is 12V 0.17A, our replacements are 12V 0.18A and
the console still reports them as failed. I've sanity checked by using a
processor board with a good fan and still nothing. Could the 0.01A cause
THAT much of an issue? The wiring is a good 3" longer too but I didn't
think that would cause problems either.

Any help appreciated.

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