HP 2100 bulbs

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Jul 20 13:16:36 CDT 2015


Yes, you're right, the darn things are bipin, not midget flange. ARGH!, Repairing those
is a lot harder...
> What I'd really like, is one of those "light bulb replacement tools" for the
> 2100 :)

> As anyone knows who has replaced them before, it's a bit of a frustrating
> pain to get them inserted just right given clearences and such :)

Yes, I found that out the hard way just now when I pulled one of mine out to look
at it.

> I'm not positive, but I seem to recall back in foggy memory that there was
> actually a tool for this.

The UK GPO (Post Office) tool for telephone switchboard lamps helps, it's not ideal but
it's a lot easier than doing it without. But said tool is not easy to find either. 


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