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Tue Jul 21 14:20:43 CDT 2015

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> Subject: MEM11 Update
> As I mentioned previously, I took some time off from working on the
> MEM11 for the past several months.
> I had some time over the past few days, so I spent it working on the
> simulator.
> [...snip ...]
> Oh, and of course everything (simulator, MEM11 firmware and tools for
> the  build environment) are all
> written in forth.  ;-)
> TTFN - Guy
> Hi Guy,
> great job, thumbs up!
> Thanks Noel for looking up the previous post.
> Your planning is very good Guy, you seem to be on track.
> Following this with much interest as I have a CPU-only PDP-11/20.
> This design will make it "complete" with a single board. I do have
> an RK11-D (somewhere).
> However, I have no experience with forth :-(

I'm finding that I'm wishing it were done because I need some of the
functionality that it'll provide *now*.  ;-)

Don't worry all of the forth-ness is hidden.  It just happens to be the
implementation language and the J1 was designed to execute forth

TTFN - Guy

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