Two Rescues, Too much stuff to add to the project list...

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Tue Jul 21 15:26:53 CDT 2015

Since you have the HP-85, I'll mention this:

I have one... it's the ultimate for HP-85 owners.


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With the help of my local rescue buddy (Jeff) we had a pretty busy week rescuing a big chunk of things from basements.
(and saw a lots of other interesting things... a 90% assembled Rutan EZ in one basement and a very cool, oscilloscope that would probably have have had a lot of folks drooling...a KS-15512-L5 made for Western Electric by Polarad Electronics ...we DID ask about it, but so far he's holding on to it.. but we did get a couple of tube radios for a local AHCS member)

I had to pay for some of the material (and both had a "take it all/most"
sort of requirement) so my goal is to at least cover my costs (the Wife lets me keep doing so if I keep it at a $0 or positive number... and so far, I have...amazingly enough).
Keep that in mind... this isn't going to be a give away... but I'm not trying to make a living here, just didn't want to see stuff
end up in the scrap heap.  And if I can keep a couple machines.   And to be
honest, after looking thru all of this, I'm simply not going to have time to restore all of it... the project list is long enough...

Here's the list:

1x HP 85 B (plus 3 modules, I'll have to check them out in further detail) 1x HP 9816 with 9131 dual disk drive 4x Otrona Attache's (and a huge plastic tub of original replacement parts... a first look indicates enough to build at least 1 more machine) Some of these have the 8086 accessory board that allows it to run MS-DOS (along with the CPU it normally runs with it's Z80) 1x Wang Model 370 Calculating System with a Model 372 Data Storage System.
2x SOL 20's (and a couple of Micropolis 720 DSDD blue drives for one... ) 1x Zenith H-19 (this may have been updated to a newer model, I haven't dug into it much) 1x Mitsubishi MP-2010 Laptop

And there is a pile of SW... believe I have at least a boot disk for each.

I've not tried to power anything up (it was a busy week driving around town picking up stuff) except for one Otrona which did seem to have some life, but didn't boot or show anything on the screen.
But I haven't checked inside anything so could be simple (And yes, I only tried powering it on because of the HUGE box of spare parts... so was willing to have something emit the magic smoke.... the curiosity simply was too much :-) )  There are a few assorted terminals and various spare parts that I got as well.

If you're interested in anything ping me... and we can see if we can work out details/trade/etc.  Pictures can be sent or posted... again, not enough time to get that done yet.

One other thing, I'm hoping to get to VCF MW (or at least be able to have someone who is going carry some things) so if you're going to be there, I we could use that to save shipping.  I don't have a problem shipping either.


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