PDP 11 gear finally moved

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Subject: RE: PDP 11 gear finally moved

> I might think twice about doing a board that was fragile with age, but
> otherwise, change 'em all.  Like replacing both headlight bulbs if one
> goes out--it's just a matter of time before the other one goes.

Do you seriously replace both headlight bulbs when one fails? I know of 
nobody who does that. Generally you carry a spare bulb kit and a screwdriver
and if a bulb fails, pull over and change it. 

and - like the capacitor replacement question this is an "it depends".
For some cars - including the Mercedes A-class (at least earlier models) - it is
almost impossible to change the headlight bulb when the car is at ground level
because it is accessed through a hatch in the wheel arch, whereas if the car
is up on the garage lift with the wheel removed it is trivial. In that case it is
probably best to change both bulbs when one fails. 
For capacitors (to get back OT) I'd be inclined to take one failure 
as "happenstance" whereas a second one as beginning to show a pattern.


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