resurrecting the Intel iAPX-432 32-bit microprocessor

jwsmobile jws at
Wed Jul 22 10:14:23 CDT 2015

I know a friend who worked on a contract for a project related to 
aircraft info.  They had all the code done in Ada for their project.  
The intent was to allow access to the Norad tracking data at a time when 
such as Flightaware and the like were just coming into being as well.

The product was to be able to track various assets on a commercial 
basis.  After they completed the work the project was taken out of the 
hands of the group who did the Ada code and was sent overseas to be 
recoded in C++ and everyone was reassigned / let go.

No further info on what became of that, but now days all that data is 
routinely available, and I suspect that the military side is still all 
running on Ada systems.


On 7/22/2015 7:02 AM, dwight wrote:
> I'm curious, does anyone program in Ada?
> Dwight

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