Chromatics on ebay

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Jul 23 17:54:51 CDT 2015

    > From: william degnan

    > I told him start with buy it now for $2000 with best offer

And there's the key to the situation. The seller thought they were going to
get big dineros for it, and.... not so much.

Which is likely a good part of why they aren't being reasonable in the
post-sale negotiations with Josh.

    > because you're asking for the item to be shipped, the seller can refuse
    > on that ground

Err, the listing does say:

  "I dont wanna have to mess with shipping, but if you absolutely need it
  shipped we can work something out."

So I don't think that dog will hunt.

But, just to close that door, is there anyone in the LA area who can, in
fact, go pick this thing up, and ship it off to Josh? That would leave the
seller without a leg.

But the seller does only have a feedback of 4, so maybe they really are
clueless about eBay.

But the bottom line is that the _reality_ is that honouring the contract with
Josh is _not_ going to cost the seller a lot of money - because in an _open
auction_, it went for.... $5.


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