Chromatics on ebay

Tothwolf tothwolf at
Fri Jul 24 08:59:22 CDT 2015

On Fri, 24 Jul 2015, William Donzelli wrote:

>> Within the last year or so, eBay removed the ability to report a 
>> "non-selling seller". The only way to report a seller for this now (so 
>> they get a "strike" on their account) is to pick up the phone and call 
>> eBay. You have to ask (demand) to speak to someone in "Trust and 
>> Safety" and you also have to be prepared to spend about an hour or so 
>> on hold.
> I do not know which Ebay you are calling, but the one that I call about 
> once a month is much faster. I am never on hold for more than four 
> minutes or so at most. If I am calling about a trust or safety issue, 
> the hold time is generally much less.

Sounds like you are doing much better than me. eBay and Paypal use an 
outsourced call center company called ePerformax out of Cebu City, 
Philippines. While I can get a first level rep on the phone right away, 
actually getting them to transfer the call to eBay's actual Trust and 
Safety group in the US can be an absolute nightmare. Apparently, 
ePerformax's employees don't want to transfer a caller because it results 
in them getting a low score for the call. This is also why they'll tell 
you there are no managers, and if you demand one, you get Bob, Joe, Sue, 
or Elvis in the cube next door.

I last contacted eBay about 3 months ago when I had a seller pull a 
bait-and-switch when a tool I bid on sold for the opening bid amount. My 
wait time then was pretty consistent with my prior calls to them over the 
last 3 to 4 years (about a one hour call). That said, back before eBay 
outsourced their call center and closed the main ones in California and 
Utah, reaching an actual employee of eBay had been pretty easy.

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