First Computer Store

Fri Jul 24 11:23:32 CDT 2015

be interesting  to  see a list  of the  first   10  shops?
is there any chronology out there?
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I have  some slides of the IBM Customer Center from 1980, recently
scanned and I  need to put them online.  Yes, you could buy things like
system 36/38,  Displaywriters, typewriters, printers, etc.  Just before
the IBM  PC.  By 1980 the portable 5100 was not present, but I am sure
you  could buy a 5100 from a customer center in 1975.  Good point.   I
think the original poster was referring to one of the  first
independent microcomputer stores.  There is a huge bias  assumption
towards "first [micro]computer" whatever, conveniently ignoring  the
huge volume of mini and mainframes sold at the same time.

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> tor 2015-07-23  klockan 13:11 -0400 skrev Murray McCullough:
>> A momentus event  happened 40 years ago around this time, July 1975,
>> the world's  first computer store opened in West Los Angeles, called
>> Arrow Head  Computer Store, tag-lined, 'The Computer Store'. It was
>> opened by  Dick Heiser. How time has flown by!
>> Murray   :)
> Doesn't IBM's showroom in New York City counts  ?
> I think it was possible to walk in there and strike a deal  for an 360 !
> The salesmen force and Thomas Watson was  upstairs.


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