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Fri Jul 24 14:34:15 CDT 2015

right on!
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Yes, as  usual, all such claims are meaningless without term definitions.
What  Murray was referring to was arguably the first PERSONAL computer 
store,  and run as a retail storefront.
IBM did do some retail sales, although they  might not have called it 
"retail", out of their building.

Even  "first" and "store" could use some restrictive definition:
Do sales out of  a living room count?
corner of  another kind of store?
(there already seems to be an exclusion of  mail-order)
If a grocery store clears space in an aisle does that  count?
Did Ed Roberts have a front counter, and handle  walk-in?
Assembled working systems?  or do kits count?
Signing  lease?
Acquiring retail inventory?
Opening of doors to the  public?
First retail sale?
First Order?  or
First Delivery?

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