First Computer Store

Fred Cisin cisin at
Fri Jul 24 14:51:58 CDT 2015

>> A momentus event happened 40 years ago around this time, July 1975,
>> the world's first computer store opened in West Los Angeles, called
>> Arrow Head Computer Store, tag-lined, 'The Computer Store'. It was
>> opened by Dick Heiser. How time has flown by!

On Fri, 24 Jul 2015, Paul Koning wrote:
> Was that really first?  I remember Rainbow Computing, in Northridge. 
> If it was later than that, it certainly was not by much.

There are many "photo-finish" and "photo-start" events in this industry.
Many, if not most, "first"s in computers had overlapping development 
times.  I remember a few times where the setup staffs at Comdex were 
frantically trying to get their booths together in order to be the first 
one to boot up their machine, in order to claim to have introduced it 
before somebody else.  In the end, it is only the big money people whose 
claims get listened to - Adam Osborne with $100K? of chrome and black 
plexiglass, or a 10x10 booth across the aisle made out of flush doors and 
file cabinets?

Is "FIRST" based on
prototypes being misrepresented as production machines?
first public demo?
first trade show?
first sale?    preorder?
first shipped?
first delivered?

Such differentiations obviously are petty, but have always played a part 
in almost every "FIRST" claim.

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