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Fri Jul 24 21:02:51 CDT 2015

On 7/24/2015 6:41 PM, Mike Loewen wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Jul 2015, Chuck Guzis wrote:
>> On 07/24/2015 04:20 PM, Mark Linimon wrote:
>>>  On Fri, Jul 24, 2015 at 04:53:01PM -0600, Eric Smith wrote:
>>> >  It's not a real computer unless it has a real front panel with
>>> >  switches and blinkenlights.
>> Ever watch any old reruns of "Wonder Woman".  Lots of blinkin' lights;
>> no computer.  Or you could watch old "The Outer Limits" episodes where
>> clicking of relays and beeps and boops seems to accompany real 
>> computers.
>> Or you could just get a floor-standing vacuum-column tape drive and 
>> spin the reels back and forth...
>    That's exactly what the Hollywood prop people do:
>    These are from a Burroughs B205 system, and rigged up to spin the 
> reels and blink the lights.
Time Tunnel had a lot of scenes with "computery" looking gizmos, 
probably including these drives.

But more panels with meters, displays and blinking lights.

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