Larry Niven's Altair

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Fri Jul 24 22:14:35 CDT 2015

An Altair 8800 that once belonged to Larry Niven is up for auction.

Larry Niven has long been a member of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy 
Society ( This group has existed since 1934 and was the 
starting point for many science fiction and fantasy authors. Larry Niven 
is one of them. This computer was purchased by him, but mainly used by his 
wife. In time, she got a newer computer and this one was made the club 
computer. It served in that capacity for many years until it too was 
replaced and was taken in by another club member who didn't want to see it 
parted out or thrown away. Fast-forward to 2008. I was contacted by that 
other club member to liquidate his collection. We went to Larry Niven's 
house whereupon he autographed this computer on the lid and the rear.

I don't know if the drive unit was used by the Nivens with this computer, 
but it matches and is from the same collection.

I also don't know where the client went.  I haven't heard from him in 

You can see pictures in high resolution at

The auction is here (will be live July 25 at 3pm pacific)

David Griffith
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