ISO: XT Compatible Keyboard

Todd Goodman tsg at
Sun Jul 26 09:33:40 CDT 2015

* Chuck Guzis <cclist at> [150726 01:19]:
> On 07/25/2015 08:12 PM, Steven Landon wrote:
> > Yeah id rather not pay that much for one.. Looking for one used.. Doesnt
> > have to be fancy.
> Non-IBM switchable keyboards should still be very much around; I've even 
> got a couple.
> There's also the AT/PS2 to XT keyboard conversion project on 
>    It uses an 8 pin PIC microcontroller and is easy 
> to fit about anywhere.   Great for functionality; maybe not so much if 
> you're looking for an old-style keyboard with the function keys on the 
> left side.
> --Chuck
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I've got the AT2XTKBD bare PCBs available.

Steve, you can get one for $205 (what you owe me plus the cost of the
board) and $5.95 shipping.

But then I'll say I can't ship it and you can just come pick it up
hundreds of miles away and consider everything good (as you did to me.)


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