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>>> The whole VID & PID works because of "gentleman's agreements" (ie use
>>> your own VID and don't pretend to be someone else's).  It's not clear
>>> how to solve this for folks that don't follow the rules.
>> If it is a gentleman's agreement (i.e. no licensing/certification fees)
> why
>> wouldn't people use their own VID/PID? Is it because they do not want to
>> develop drivers?
> Its not a gentlemens agreement. The USB.ORG sue folks who try and sell block
> of IDs.

Yes, but they don't seem to sue folks who just create clones of someone 
else's VID/PID.

I suspect the problem is more of trying to avoid the costs of 
developing/adapting S/W for their
particular device, which is why they "clone" an existing device rather 
than creating one of their
own from scratch.

TTFN - Guy

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