H960 blank panel clips

Vincent Slyngstad v.slyngstad at frontier.com
Tue Jul 28 11:34:43 CDT 2015

From: quapla: Tuesday, July 28, 2015 2:22 AM
> @Vince
> Can you make a '.stp' or '.igs' file of the bracket as shown
> in the image 'bracket-screws.jpg' but with straight poles rather
> than the 'ball on a stick' version?

I could widen the post to 1/4", so the result would be a post 
with a hemispherical top.  I can't warrant that it won't be strong 
enough to crack the tapered tubes in the panels, though.  Those 
are also aging, brittle plastic, but not nearly as easy to replace!

However, I don't have the tooling to export in either '.stp' or 
'.igs', and it looks like the export plug-ins for that cost money.
Maybe someone else has tools that can do that?


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