Reforming capacitors (technical description, not politics)

dwight dkelvey at
Wed Jul 29 19:58:50 CDT 2015

My understanding is that computer grade capacitors
have higher leakage currents than similar sized non-computer
grade capacitors.
When reforming capacitors watch the current going into
the capacitor. The forming process causes outgassing.
If you excess the amount that the burst seal can handle,
even after reforming, the capacitor will have limited life.

Never completely flatten a NICAD pack. Doing so will cause
back charging the will put the wrong gasses on the wrong
ends of the cell. The depolarizers will not absorb the gas and the
pressure will increase in the cell and burst the burst seal.
Again, like the electrolytic that was formed too fast, the cell
will dry out over a month or so and you'll have a worthless
battery pack.
NiCads are best stored discharged. That means bring each
cell to 1 volt. This is hard to measure in a battery pack.

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