Reforming capacitors (technical description, not politics)

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On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 08:58:08PM -0500, drlegendre . wrote:
> I get the jab you're taking at latter-day Audiophool idiocy, but you won't
> find any gold-plated OFC business in any of the vintage gear I typically
> work with.
> But as far as gold plating goes, gold is a good conductor, it solders very
> well, it doesn't tarnish and its ductility promotes solid connections on
> screw terminals - it's really these characteristics that make it somewhat
> desirable in certain applications. So it's not so much that gold "sounds
> better", it's that it allows one to make connections that work better.

Gold is also something they cannot use in outer space due to gold embrittlement

> But it does tend to wear quickly.

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