A Final Word

Steven Landon slandon110 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 12:59:12 CDT 2015

This is my final word

I was recently banned from #classiccmp for selling a machine that was my 
own,  I picked it up for someone else who hadnt paid me for it,  sat in 
my closet for a year now.  Hadnt heard from that person,  tried 
contacting them,  to no avail,  I listed it on ebay the other day,  only 
to wake up to find that I had been banned from #classiccmp for listing 
that machine.   As far as I know its not against the rules to sell my 
own personal property.  I was finally able to get a hold of the person 
who wanted it and he still does.  I am currently arranging a way for him 
to get it.

  I know many of you hate me because im this horrible evil scammer 
pedophile,  or thats what you think.  Common sense says that if I was a 
horrible pedophile,  I wouldnt have joint custody of my son, But I do.   
Because of what was posted online over the years. Yes I scammed over 10 
years ago,  thats in the past,  Im not a bad person nor a pedophile. 
People do change you know.   Im a hardworking person who tries his 
hardest to take care of his kid and family.    Yes I enjoy computers.. I 
enjoy fixing them up and finding them homes.

I've been treated terrible in this scene by a number of people. calling 
me names,  you name it.   I attended VCF 3 years in a row, Had a 
blast.     This year I will not be attending due to the sheer number of 
threats I have received.   I really wanted to bring my son this year.  
Hes 10.  It would have been fun to share this with him. We really wanted 
to have a ccmp display during the 2016 Telephone show here in Michigan 
as well,  and you all would have been welcome to come.

But if you guy's don't want me in this scene just simply say so, and Ill 
quietly disappear.

Thank you for your time and Good Day

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