A Final Word

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Jul 30 13:26:44 CDT 2015

Okay, it's a little OT.

I've never interacted directly with slandon110 and quite possibly never
will.  But I do have one remark in response to

> Yes I scammed over 10 years ago, thats in the past,

It is good that there are people who are willing to forgive and forget,
because that gives bad actors an incentive to reform.

But it also good that there are people who aren't, because that gives
not-yet-bad actors an incentive to never start.

(Not, of course, that that is to condone the threats slandon110 has
received - or says he has, at least, and I'm willing to treat the claim
as true for purposes of this email.  Unwillingness to forgive and
forget is a very long step from issuing threats against someone
putatively showing up at a hobby event.)

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